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YES—Friday is here again! You know what that means: Our weekly feature on the best articles in recruitment marketing and other talent acquisition trends. But first, our top content piece and tweet.


Content of the Week

Who doesn’t want to be like Amazon? Porter Williams from HireVue and our own Chris Brablc presented an awesome webinar about the power of gathering and framing data about your candidates—and how to actually use it for better and smarter hiring. Get the presentation slides on SlideShare.


Tweet of the Week

Have questions on the power of referrals—and how you can really transform your programs? Our Chief Product Officer Mary Grace Hennessy knows her stuff. She discusses SmashFly’s forward-thinking vision on referrals and how our new Referral solution can help companies evolve their programs and results.


Articles of the Week

In no particular:

Candidate Experience: Recruiters, Stop Making Excuses by Kelly Blokdijk (@TalentTalks) on Recruiting Daily (@RecruitingDaily)

“Engagement isn’t a technology feature, it’s a mindset.” Kelly nails this piece on how recruiters need to man (and woman) up, stop making excuses for the “black hole” and start communicating throughout the entire job search process.


Where Do Candidates Come From? by China Gorman (@ChinaGorman)

China highlights two recent studies (thanks for the shoutout!) that show the power of social media and referrals in bringing in more quality candidates.


Why Most Job Board Postings Don’t Have a Prayer by Paul Siker (@paulsiker) on Ere.net (@ERE_net)

We think alike, Paul. A sound assessment on job boards: a necessary part of any recruitment strategy, but an entirely static one at that. Paul offers 4 ways to really gauge your job posts and descriptions—and also advocates for a proactive recruitment method that focuses on more than the “post and pray” method.


Multi-Generation Employment Branding and the Whole Foods Dilemma by Holland Dombeck McCue (@Holland_ Dombeck)on Fistful of Talent (@fistfuloftalent)

A succinct perspective on a basic framework for crafting a multi-generational employer brand.


Why You Get Recruiting Wrong in 80% of Cases and What to Do About It by Pawel Chudzinksi (@pawel)

Pawel breaks down the percentages and likelihood of hiring a top candidate for a position with recruiting efforts today—and it’s not impressive. Read his post for more insight into why this happens and how you can change it.


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