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A few of us on the SmashFly team are kicking off June with a trip to Las Vegas―for the OHUG 2015 Conference of course. Our Chief Product Officer Mary Grace Hennessy will be leading a panel on Wednesday, June 10 from 2:15 – 3:15 p.m. at the conference with a few of SmashFly’s expert customers, including Derina Adamczak from CH2M, Stacey Montalto from The Cheesecake Factory and Rick Rosario from CDW. The panel, called “Think Like a Marketer: Recruitment Marketing Best Practices from Today’s Leading Organizations,” will be a great line up.

Whether you’re just getting introduced to the recruitment marketing discipline or are putting principles to practice in your talent acquisition strategy, the panel aims to answer your questions with real-world, practical examples they’ve experienced with their own recruitment marketing strategies.

Here are 7 questions (plus more if you attend!) that you’ll hear answered:

  1. How has the definition of recruitment marketing changed over the past few years?
  2. How do you leverage your Taleo ATS and the SmashFly Total Recruitment Marketing Platform together–and what are the key integrations and touch points between the systems?
  3. What tips do you have on how to improve the candidate experience and/or employer brand?
  4. How do you capture candidates into your Talent Network and, most importantly, how do you engage and nurture your pipelined contacts in the CRM with targeted content?
  5. How do you measure success using data from both Taleo and SmashFly? What data do you use to make decisions on recruitment marketing strategy?
  6. What’s next for your organization as you continue to evolve your recruitment marketing strategies?
  7. What is the number one tip you would give someone starting recruitment marketing today?

This panel session is an optimal time to pick the brains of some of the best and brightest organizations using recruitment marketing strategies to attract, engage, nurture and convert more qualified candidates. We’ll see you there!

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