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A candidate’s decision to take their career to your organization can involve as many as 12 touch points with your employer brand―from your career site to social media to a referral to an email. Further, Google recently published its perspective on “micromoments,” stating that it’s not just the last touch point before conversion, or “zero moment of truth,” but instead the sum of winning and influencing all the micromoments of a consumer’s journey. We can say the same for candidates, who have been researching jobs more and more like consumers, using many of the same types of channels.  It’s no longer just source of hire that’s important, but all the sources of influence that touch a candidate pre-application. Your recruitment marketing efforts are those micromoments.

In order to provide candidates with this new, dynamic experience, recruiters have been tasked with more responsibilities and requirements, but less resources and time to accomplish them successfully. But less manpower, less time and fewer resources don’t have to equal fewer candidates and lower quality! Let technology be your starting point: work faster with automation; work smarter with dynamic content and segmentation; work more efficiently with intuitive design and workflows.

We’ve counted 29 ways a Recruitment Marketing Platform can help recruiters do that. Here are 11 highlights (but get them all here!):

  1. Dynamic Content: Present content (text, videos, images) in job descriptions, career site landing pages and talent network capture forms based on the job.
  2. Unlimited Landing Pages: Improve the candidate experience and better convey your employer brand stories by creating landing pages targeted to specific candidate audiences, such as pages by job function or business unit.
  3. Design Templates Out of the Box: Built-in templates for thank-you emails, newsletters, job alerts and content campaigns? Yes please. Eliminate the need for design or HTML coding skills so you can focus on the messages that will drive candidate interest and conversion.
  4. Targeted Email Marketing: Set up automatic emails based on candidate interactions, such as thank you for joining the talent network, invitation to record a video interview or don’t forget to finish your job application. Configure them once and let the platform work for you.
  5. Recruitment Marketing Automation: Focus on building relationships with candidates, not wasting time on manual tasks. Set up intelligent automation rules based on candidate and recruiter actions to ensure proper segmentation of CRM contacts, timely communication with candidates and automatic assignment of tasks and alerts to your recruiters.
  6. SmashFly Intellipost™: Get your precious time back (or at least some of it!) Stop copying and posting each new job to many job boards. This unique SmashFly feature automatically distributes your jobs to the right audiences and boards based on rules and criteria you define for each candidate audience, helping you to stay in OFCCP compliance.
  7. Social Footprint Integration: Can we get a high-five for reduced social searching? Some Recruitment Marketing Platforms automatically aggregate data from candidates’ social footprints so you know more about them before each discovery call.
  8. Job Board Integration: Posting globally, with certainty they’ll post. Post to hundreds of job boards globally through one platform. An added bonus? The SmashFly platform confirms every job distributed is posted to your specific job boards so you don’t have to manually check them.
  9. Referral Sponsor Scoring: Referrals are making their way into Recruitment Marketing Platforms, and SmashFly just launched its new solution that quickly sorts and identifies the best referral sponsors according to number of hires and keep sponsors engaged with automatic emails.
  10. Recruitment Marketing Metrics: Improve conversion rates in the candidate journey with funnel metrics from view to hire, in ONE dashboard. Really. Get the real-time metrics needed to test your job descriptions, determine your best recruiting channels and evaluate the conversion rate of your application process.
  11. Feedback Requests: Invite team members to provide feedback to recruiters on pipelined candidates with one click from within the platform. Feedback is embedded in the candidate’s CRM record, forming a complete profile for sourcing needs.


And there are 18 more where that came from! Download the complete list of ways a Recruitment Marketing Platform can get your current team started with recruitment marketing efforts.

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