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Whew! Busy week for us at SmashFly, with an awesome rooftop clambake party with fellow HCI 2015 sponsor Randstad Sourceright; a great presence at HCI 2015; and a webinar showcasing our newest platform version SmashFly 15. Time to decompress and take a look at our favorite recruitment marketing content from the week.

Content of the Week

From our recent webinar on our latest platform version SmashFly, we found that 40 to 60% of candidates drop off during the application process. Using a talent network form can capture 90% of those drop offs. Enough said.

Tweet of the Week

Our customer, Jen Sommesi, owned the stage at HCI 2015, talking about how CDW builds its employer brand using SmashFly’s Recruitment Marketing Platform.

Articles of the Week

In no particular order:

5 Reasons You’re Not Attracting Candidates on Social Media by Tony Restell (@TonyRestell)

Tony outlines some simple ways you can improve your use of social media in recruiting. Hint: They have a lot to do with focus and targeting.


Recruit Like a Marketer By Training Like a Marketer by Holland Dombeck McCue (@Holland_Dombeck)

Holland is on her A game. Where better for recruiters to gain marketing knowledge than the marketing leaders themselves? She offers three key resources that will help you brush up on your marketing skills.


In Their Own Words: Top HR Recruiting Leadership Lessons from Top CEOs by Glassdoor (@Glassdoor)

These lessons, quoted by those on Glassdoor’s Top CEO list, are human lessons. And we’re in the business of people.


Expand Your Talent Pool by 100x Redefining Quality by Lou Adler (@LouA)

Do you know the difference between performance-qualified and skills-qualified? It matters for your success.


Why Your Twitter “Reach” is a Stretch: Use These Metrics Instead by Mark Willaman

Reach is a tricky metric. It’s really the POTENTIAL of who may read or see your content, just like circulation of a publication or viewers of a TV show. Sadly, it means little for actual impact on your business. But, Mark does offer other metrics that can help quantify and qualify your social media efforts.

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