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Here we go: one of our favorite parts of the week! We round up the best articles and content in recruitment marketing each week so you can spend more time reading and less time searching.


Content of the Week

A huge thanks to our customers Derina Adamczak of CH2m, Rick Rosario of CDW and Stacey Montalto of The Cheesecake Factory for putting on a killer webinar panel yesterday on what they’re doing in recruitment marketing to gain big results. You can download the webinar recording of “Think Like a Marketer: How 3 Leading Organizations Get More Qualified Candidates” here. 


Tweet of the Week

A millennial perspective from a millennial herself. Great post from our own Lily Weiner making her SmashFly blog debut!


Articles of the Week

In no particular order:

7 Way Social Media Can Help Build Your Talent Pipeline  by Andy Headworth (@andyheadworth)

Andy is right: talent acquisitions professionals may be building talent pipelines in some way, but many don’t focus on cultivating and engaging those pipelines. If you don’t, they are just a database of names. He offers 7 great ways to start learning more about your target candidates and, better yet, start interacting with them.


Why Show Don’t Tell is the Golden Rule of Recruitment Marketing by Maura McElhone (@maurawrites)

Content doesn’t have to equal writing. Maura shares her perspective (and some stats) that will make you consider using more visual content to attract and convert candidates.


The One Question You Need to Ask Job Applicants to Make the Best Hire by Lydia Dishman (@LydiaBreakfast)

You’ll have to read the article to find out, but we’ll just say, it would make you think twice if you were asked this in an application. The answer is all about cultural fit, so it’s important for hiring managers to have a strong sense of their employer brand to adequately vet candidates.


Communication in a Post-Email World by Steve Boese (@SteveBoese)

While I don’t hate email (and it’s still one of the most used forms of communication between business and consumer/candidate), Steve has a bigger point that resonates: talent acquisition HAS to start thinking about other ways to reach candidates. There are so many new forms of communication out there, especially that younger generations are using. Plus, start differentiating your emails! Personalize, customize, humanize.


Why Creativity is the New Must-Have Tech Recruiting Skill by Carlie Smith (@carliejsmith)

Really great post from Carlie about the importance of developing creativity in recruiting to attract and hire top talent. It’s about fresh employer branding, intriguing and visual content and human, transparent interaction.

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