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Here we go: one of our favorite parts of the week! We round up the best articles and content in recruitment marketing each week so you can spend more time reading and less time searching.


Content of the Week

A huge thanks to our customers Derina Adamczak of CH2m, Rick Rosario of CDW and Stacey Montalto of The Cheesecake Factory for putting on a killer webinar panel yesterday on what they’re doing in recruitment marketing to gain big results. You can download the webinar recording of “Think Like a Marketer: How 3 Leading Organizations Get More Qualified Candidates” here. 


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Articles of the Week (in no particular order)

How Google Reads Your ATS by Nathan Perrot (@Nathan_Perrot)

Good read on SEO and what you’re facing with using the ATS as your job search engine.


The 19 Types of HR and Talent Software You Need by Tim Sackett (@TimSackett)

Quick and dirty summary of technology solutions for HR. And while I’d break up ATS and Recruiting Automation the list hits the nail on the head.


Why Your Social Recruiting Efforts Suck by Kris Dunn (@Kris_Dunn)

Great points from Kris on the purpose of social media and what the goal of your efforts should be.


What Truly Motivates Employees by Sarah Landrum (@SarahLandrum)

Worth a read on identifying what candidates and employees really care about vs. what we think they care about. It’s not the same for every company but it’s integral to understand what drives real satisfaction.


Here is Why Employee Referrals are the Best Way to Hire by Paul Petrone

Nothing new in this blog but a great reminder on the values of Employee Referrals in your strategy. What are you doing to create an environment for better referrals?


Enjoy the weekend!


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