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Another Friday, another installment of our favorite articles of the week (and we really like this week’s). But first, check out our top content piece and tweet of the week.


Content of the Week

In anticipation of the fourth and final part in Chris Brablc’s series “Why We Don’t Need to Reinvent the ATS” next week on TalentCulture, we’re bringing back the previous three parts as a refresher!


Tweet of the Week

We are hitting the road with Greenhouse for a cross-country Recruiting Optimization Roadshow. Our Director of Business Development Lynne Foster owned the (sold out!) Inbound Marketing Workshop in Palo Alto.


Articles of the Week

In no particular order:

5 Simple Strategies to Stop Sucking at Sourcing by Matt Charney (@mattcharney)

We were sold on the opening “May the Source Be With You.” But really, Matt outlines some great tips for finding the right candidates that stand the test of time, no matter the social network, plug-in or technology that pops up next.


Fixing the HR “Black Hole” to Improve Candidate Experience by Craig Fisher (@fishdogs)

A simple, eye-opening response from a “rejected” candidate that proves any answer is better than no answer in a better candidate experience. Let’s close the recruiting black holes.


Why Experience Matters More Than Education in Recruiting by Amy Ala (@AlaRecruiter)

“Why limit your talent pool with such a sweeping, yet often unnecessary, non-negotiable?” It doesn’t go for just education either. In a world of more and more data fields and specifics, we have to always be mindful of not eliminating great candidates too soon based on a sweeping assumption.

Should Job Boards Ignore Big Data? via JobBoardDoctor Blog (@JobBoardDoctor)

They most definitely can’t. But Jeff makes a great point: Big data isn’t a solution right now for talent acquisition. They need to know what data can do for them and who can actually provide it. (We hear you Jeff, we hear you.) Recruitment marketing platforms will fill that gap.


Content Marketing Leaders Reveal Their Helpful Hacks by Ann Gynn (@AnnGynn)

Great snippets from some of the best in content marketing, with really interesting eye-openers I haven’t even considered (as a Content Strategist). For those in talent acquisition starting out, start here. Keep yourself on a schedule, have a purpose and remember, done and published is better than perfect.

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