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Some great articles on recruitment marketing this week came early on—glad it’s Friday so I can finally share these! But first, our latest content this week and favorite tweet.


Content of the Week

With how many emails recruiters send in a day, week, month, it’s essential to be on your game. Borrow from marketing and use these best practices at your disposal.



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Articles of the Week

In no particular order:

Your Candidate Experience Cost You a Customer by Lars Schmidt (@ThisIsLars)

A post written from from the eyes of a loyal customer turned candidate turned lost customer. Lars does a great job of driving home his point: your candidate experience can affect your organization in so many more ways than just creating a disappointed potential candidate.


The Belated Rise of Social Referral Schemes by Matt Alder (@mattalder)

An interesting and important podcast on the future of referrals and why they need to become more about brand stories and less about jobs. (Can we say a theme in talent acquisition?) Referrals need to be simple and transparent, and they need to stem from powerful employee advocates. Matt explains how to build them.


A Call to HR Technology Providers: It’s Time to Become Partners in Compliance by Todd Owens (@toddcowens)

Compliance is something we hear about all the time from our customers. And technology should make compliance easier for recruiting organizations. It’s something we focused on when implementing our latest referral solution. Todd’s points are right on for how technology providers can and should aid organizations in compliance: 1. Process consistency 2. Built-in compliance and auto updates 3. True partnership.


How to Leverage Human-centered Design in Your Employment Brand by Holland Dombeck McCue (@Holland_Dombeck)

Human-centered design is, simply, understanding your target audience or end-user and tailoring the message and solutions specifically to them. In recruitment marketing, just as in marketing, success always stems from truly knowing who you’re trying to attract. Holland outlines some great tips around human-centered job descriptions in this post.


Recruiting Content is a Game Any Employer Can Win by James Ellis (@thewarfortalent)

James makes a great comparison between talent acquisition and the book Moneyball: You don’t need the most money and the most clout to win the best talent. The best talent is sometimes the talent others overlook. But you have to change the game to give yourself a fighting change against the big whigs. How? James says get specific on what you want and craft your message just to them. Personas, recruitment marketing—we agree with you James.

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