The roadshow has ended, but the content lives on. We were so pumped to have been invited to roadtrip across the country with Greenhouse for their Recruiting Optimization Roadshow, leading the Inbound Marketing Workshop in Boston, Palo Alto and Chicago. Great speakers, great cities, great presentations.

If you weren’t able to make any of the stops, we have you covered. Some key highlights from discussions and sessions:

  • Get personal. Hosting smaller, personal events are a big and productive tool for many companies. Whether a weekly happy hour inviting a specific community or career-related events in the office, there was consensus that these were a useful spend of time and money.
  • Be transparent and proactive. Many attendees talked about the importance of “day in the life” content in portraying their company culture and employer brand to candidates. Specifically in our workshop, we discussed how to deliver this kind of content to candidates in their decision making process—through email nurture, social media, etc. versus waiting for them to consume it on the career site.
  • Brand first, job second. It’s always a sore topic for talent acquisition: writing better job descriptions. We focused on treating job descriptions as another pivotal content piece: you want to highlight your employer brand first, then get into the details of the job.


You can check out our full workshop presentation here:

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