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60% of a candidate’s decision to work for your company happens before they apply: through social media, mobile experience, career site content, Glassdoor reviews, etc. What are you doing to shape and impact that decision?

Join SmashFly’s Chris Brablc andCDW’s Rick Rosario for an upcoming webinar: “The ATS Alone Isn’t Enough: How to Modernize Talent Acquisition With Recruitment Marketing.” They’ll discuss recruitment marketing strategies and tactics that you can implement to shape the candidate’s journey and attract top talent. The ATS is only one half of the talent acquisition equation—and it owns post-apply. It’s time to modernize your strategy with technology that owns pre-apply.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Recruitment Marketing best practices and how to incorporate them into your existing recruiting strategies
  • How your ATS works with recruitment marketing technology, including 5 critical integration points that drive business performance
  • Why CDW added a Recruitment Marketing Platform to complement their ATS and how it’s helped their team become a critical partner to the business
  • Real-life examples of how ATS and Recruitment Marketing Platform integrations provide a complete view for better talent acquisition decision-making

Register now for the webinar on October 8. 

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