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It’s Friday! You’re allowed to be excited. We are, especially because we get to share some great perspectives this week on recruitment marketing and the candidate experience [it’s #CandE Awards week after all!].


Content of the Week

A very interesting webinar topic from a dynamic recruitment marketing tag team: “Your ATS Alone Isn’t Enough.” Catch SmashFly’s Chris Brablc and CDW’s Rick Rosario on 10/8 talk about how to modernize your talent acquisition strategy by partnering your ATS with a new technology: a Recruitment Marketing Platform.




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Articles of the Week

In no particular order (although they do take on a candidate experience theme):

Candidate Experience is Not a Product by Matt Charney (@mattcharney)

Oh Matt Charney, he is so good with words. Bold, honest, controversial even, but so good. He even went out and BOUGHT the intellectual property rights to “candidate experience.” Why? To a prove a point. Candidate experience can’t be changed by software. It’s not a product. It’s a transformation of your process and the way you think, from sourcer to recruiter to hiring manager to CEO.


3 Ways Recruiting Must Copy Marketing by Marvin Smith (@talentcommunity)

A very important perspective from Marvin: “In a way, a recruiter is a product manager for an organization and the product that is being offered is work.  To market work, requires becoming thinking beyond the product or services that an organization produces and examining the elements of the job itself.  While certainly a company culture is important, defining work goes into the elements of the job.” Read on.


The Buyer’s Journey: It’s Not Just for Marketers Anymore by Mitch Frazier (@mitchdf)

The headline says it all. Mitch states here that the buyer’s journey isn’t just for marketing, it’s part of every successful organization. Agreed. We pride ourselves on being able to speak marketing and talent acquisition—we firmly believe that recruiters and talent acquisition leaders should be using candidate personas, structuring content messaging plans and outlining a clear “buyer’s” [candidate’s] journey to understand how to reach candidates where they are and how they want to consume.


Risky Business: Why You Should Own Your Own Recruiting Data by Derek Zeller (@Derdiver)

“And it’s your job as a recruiter not only to continuously grow this database, but continue to mine it, too. These aren’t cold calls – they’re warm leads.” Database, mine, warm leads. We like your lingo Derek. How much does it suck to have to start from scratch for every job req?  How much easier is it to have your OWN database of interested, opted in candidates at your fingertips? Your database has to be more than a resume or list of names, of course. It needs to be a living, growing tool that you’re constantly expanding, qualifying, updating and researching. And it needs to be yours—because then those are free, earned candidates for your jobs today and in the future.


Why I Have a Sweet Tooth for a Better Candidate Experience by Kevin Grossman (@KevinWGrossman)

Candidate experience stats are unignorable [this word is apparently made up, but it’s necessary here]: Eighty percent of candidates said they’re likely to share positive recruiting experiences with their inner circle, and 66 percent will share negative ones. Just as Kevin writes, it doesn’t need to be as complicated as everyone makes it out to be. Follow Kevin’s two key tips, and you’ll be on your route to that 80%.

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