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“When I launched the #hrwins a few years ago as a celebration of innovation for HR, the intent was to celebrate not just tech, but innovation happening in HR process and initiatives because that’s where it matters most.  In this #hrwins for the first time we see a few organizations that are not just providing tech, but providing guidance to talent acquisition leaders in several forms.” – George LaRocque

With that intro from George LaRocque, founder of LAROCQUE and #hrwins, it’s impossible to not be extremely proud to be listed amongst The Talent Board, Glassdoor and Hirevue as the Top HR Companies to Watch for Talent Acquisition in 2015.

2015 was a huge year for SmashFly―we changed offices to accommodate our ever-growing and largest team yet; we were named by Boston Business Journal as one of the “Best Companies to Work For”; and we launched SmashFly 15, the newest version of our Recruitment Marketing Platform, including a new UI and an industry-leading Employee Referrals solution. It’s so exciting to see these accomplishments noticed externally, and we’re looking forward to an ever better 2016 (and perhaps another naming on #hrwins!)

To see the full list of companies to watch in 2015, check out LaRocque’s post “Talent Acquisition is Being Disrupted.” He also covers big trends and interesting stats in talent acquisition, including employer branding, recruitment marketing, candidate experience and analytics.

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