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Happy Friday and (almost) Halloween! We’re finally coming down off our HR Tech craze and are back to rounding up the best perspectives of the week in recruitment marketing. Take a look.


Content of the Week

Once you’ve attracted the right leads, what are you going to communicate to them? Nurture is communicating to the right candidate with the right message at the right time.  The best way to know what and when to communicate to your candidates is to plan your candidate messaging strategy, and our latest Candidate Messaging Template will guide you.

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Tweet of the Week

We had a little fun in the office. This may or may not have been the winning pumpkin!


Articles of the Week

In no particular order (although we saved the fun ones for last):

The Death of the Common Job Description by Katie Williams (@ktwilliams200)

The modern person has an attention span of 8 seconds. (Have you already stopped reading this?) Katie outlines some great overarching tips to transform the job description, and they’re bigger than copywriting. Think brushing up on SEO, building stronger personas and actually EXPERIMENT with different titles, copy and CTAs.


Meet the Sophisticated Job Seeker That’s Disrupting Recruiting by J.T. O’Donnell (@jtodonnell)

This is an article from a few months back, but it surfaced again and garnered some great discussion from the SmashFly team. Meet the sophisticated job seeker: They are consumers. They do research on your organization. They follow you on social media, or at the least check out your profiles. They STUDY your employer brand. All these pre-apply touchpoints (recruitment marketing!) greatly influence the sophisticated job seeker’s decision to opt-in or apply to your organization. Are you winning their attention?


5 Steps to Building a Successful Talent Pipeline by Lee Colan (@LeeColan)

We talk a lot about building talent pipelines at SmashFly, so we loved this article from Lee Colan. Filling reqs today is important, but what about all the positions for next month or next year? Lee says, “Companies commonly design their plans and develop their talent for today’s reality versus tomorrow’s possibilities.” Exactly. Building pipelines of quality talent for specific skillsets gives you a talent database you own and can source from for positions now and in the future. Stop starting from scratch!


The Great Copywriter Heist: The Recruitment Ad Job by Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon (@AquariusHRltd)

This was an adventure to read, in a good way. More writing should be actually enjoyable AND informative. Kudos to Nicole for turning tips on job descriptions (and more importantly the CTA) into an engaging journey.


When Zombies Attack, Will Your City Survive? by John Zappe (@ERE_Net)

What’s Halloween without a mention of zombies? While I personally think these rankings are a little flawed (if you believe The Walking Dead, the metro areas have the most zombies around!), I take some solace that Boston is ranked the #1 city to survive (which means over in Concord, MA, SmashFly will live out the Zombie Apocalypse and teach recruitment marketing to another whole generation!). I’m getting ahead of myself.

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