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To proactively attract and engage today’s consumer-minded candidates, modern recruiting organizations of all sizes are adopting best-practice Marketing principles and adding Recruitment Marketing skills to their teams to give their strategies an edge. SmashFly decided to take a deeper look into recruitment marketing adoption: so we started with the 2015 Fortune 500.

SmashFly analyzed the career websites of the 2015 Fortune 500 to understand their use of 13 Recruitment Marketing practices, including mobile-friendly candidate experience, job messaging by family and initiative, talent network, social careers channels and more.

This original research provides a view into which best-practice Marketing principles are currently being used by the largest recruiting organizations, which best practices are emerging and which best practices are largely untapped. See how your strategy compares — and which practices you should invest in to better compete and even gain an edge.


The Takeaways

The 2015 Fortune 500 earned a “C” average in their use of Recruitment Marketing. Their overall grade was “good” but could be further improved by:

  • Offering targeted messaging for candidate personas on their career site,
  • Increasing their adoption of mobile and social recruiting practices, and
  • Adding a talent network form to capture leads before they are ready to apply.

We highlight the other biggest takeaways from our 2015 Fortune 500 Recruitment Marketing Report Card in this new infographic. Or click the banner to see it fully!

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