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Today’s hiring economy is highly complex and competitive ― and finding top talent is harder than ever. Unemployment is at a seven-year low, and it’s taking increasingly longer to hire.

In fact, attracting candidates and retaining current employees is a lot like attracting and retaining customers. Consumers can take up to 12 touch points with a brand before they make a purchase decision. Candidates are researching your employer brand the same way: They’re following you on LinkedIn and Twitter, reading reviews of your managers on Glassdoor and checking out your latest blog posts and YouTube videos. That means your relationships with candidates don’t start from the point of apply; it starts long before—from the point of attraction.

Candidates seek a relevant, transparent and personalized experience―and expect it in every interaction before they even get to an application. How valuable are your social media posts? How authentic are your career site stories or employee testimonials? And how transparent are your emails?

Bottom line: How you treat every candidate has a direct impact on your brand. In today’s digital age, where sharing experiences online is commonplace and even expected, a poor candidate experience can be bad for business, bad for branding ― and translate to millions in lost revenue annually.

This changing talent acquisition landscape requires a more proactive, engaging, multi-touch approach: Recruitment Marketing. Recruitment Marketing is how you find, attract, engage and nurture candidates — your talent acquisition leads — to build a more qualified pipeline of candidates and ultimately convert more quality hires. Recruiting’s job is to convert applicants into hires. Recruitment marketing’s job comes first: to attract leads and convert them into applicants, so your recruiters have more qualified applicants to select from. And it’s driving today’s modern recruiting organizations.

Today’s job seeker doesn’t want just a job. They want career development opportunities, stellar company culture, employee camaraderie and a purpose — so transparency upfront and in every touch point is an essential start to building a better candidate experience.

The thing is, being transparent isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Join SmashFly and stellar guest Meghan M. Biro, Founder and CEO of TalentCulture.com and the Co-founder and Co-host of the highly popular TalentCulture #TChat Show, for an insightful recruitment marketing webinar on how to bring transparency into your talent acquisition efforts through recruitment marketing.

You’ll learn about:

  • The edge of the talent funnel in HR and recruiting
  • What recruitment marketing is and isn’t
  • The critical importance of transparency in recruitment marketing
  • The primary components of a successful recruitment marketing strategy
  • And much more!

“See” you there.

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