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Our eBook adventure with Matt Charney of Recruiting Daily has come to a close (at least for this year!) with this final installment of the Recruiter’s Guide series. In the Recruiter’s Guide to Digital Marketing, we’re reviewing the core concepts of digital marketing and how to use it to optimize the most important part of the talent attraction process: converting candidates.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get in this robust eBook, from SEO tips to how to use PPC and Adwords to effectively creating landing pages.


3 Tips on SEO for Recruiting

  1. Make sure you own any career or job-related search query that’s related to your company (e.g. “Disney Jobs,” “Disney Careers,” “Working At Disney,” “Open Jobs at Disney”)
  2. Make sure any career-related results return high on any general search related to your company’s brand name or consumer brand. An employer brand lives or dies on the back of these results, as they’re often among the top search drivers to high-ranking career content.
  3. Ensure you use the keywords that candidates are searching for in your job ads. This is important for your own Career Site and any other site you promote jobs on, including the job boards. The wrong job title on these channels can cut your views in half while the right one can boost overall traffic.


Download the complete eBook here:

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