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In an age wherein perspectives from others affect a majority of our decisions – from what we buy to where we shop to who we trust – it’s imperative that HR departments effectively and clearly communicate internal ideals and standards with prospective candidates in order to attract them to open and potential positions.

The reality is: it’s the candidate’s world, and we’re just living in it. we’re in the era of the candidate, and organizations need to take steps to ensure they’re attracting talent as effectively and as efficiently as possible with recruitment markeitng. Companies need to cater their recruitment marketing efforts to candidates’ and applicants’ interests. In fact, per Aberdeen’s research, 79% of companies think there’s a dearth of critical skills available in the labor pool.

Organizations need to clearly market what their priorities are to candidates: How will they listen and develop their employees? What benefits do they offer? What is their company culture really like? What kind of technology is available to employees for education and growth? Video can be huge for demonstrating such priorities, as it’s easily digestible while still quite informative. By not doing so, organizations risk losing talent – from high potentials to individual contributors – to other opportunities, whether new ones for active candidates or currently held positions for passive candidates.

Best-in-class organizations understand how valuable video is for interacting with and engaging would-be candidates; notably, they are 75% more likely than all others to use video for employer branding initiatives. Video enables organizations to provide a clear picture to potential applicants about what the company is all about and why their participation is so valuable both for the company as well as themselves. After all, employees want to work where they’re challenged and engaged. Video will enhance the would-be candidate’s experience for 2016 and beyond.

zach laheyZach Lahey is a Research Analyst for Aberdeen Group. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn. Share your talent acquisition feedback in the Strategic Talent Acquisition and Pre-Hire Assessment Survey

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