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One more Friday, five more great articles (plus a new template!) Check out SmashFly’s favorite content, tweet and perspectives of the week in recruitment marketing.


Content of the Week

Once you’ve attracted the right leads (hopefully you used this to map out your target personas), what are you going to communicate to them? We created a Candidate Messaging Template to help you send the right messages at the right time throughout your candidate’s career search journey.

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Tweet of the Week

When Meghan M. Biro talks, you listen! Next week, 11/17, we host her for a webinar on why transparency is critical to recruitment marketing success. See you there.


Articles of the Week

In no particular order:

Recruitment Marketing: Understanding and Maximizing the Candidate Journey by Meghan M. Biro (@MeghanMBiro)

As we said above, when Meghan M. Biro talks recruitment marketing, you listen! This is a really concise, informative and actionable post from Meghan that highlights what candidates are looking for in specific stages of the recruitment funnel.


Selecting the Right HR Technology by George LaRocque (@glarocque)

As George says, this stat never gets old: “57% of a B2B buyer’s process happens BEFORE a vendor is ever contacted.” Both buyers and vendors need to consider what happens on the front-end of technology research. We second George’s five main tips here, especially the focus on the “relationship” as a feature.


What We’ve Learned (and Almost Learned) From Hiring Engineers by Whitney Sorenson (@wsorenson)

“The ‘yelpification’ of recruiting has made one thing crystal clear: Companies can’t fake a remarkable recruiting process.” Ain’t that the truth. Whitney outlines a TON of amazing lessons learned (seriously, they just kept coming) in his year hiring and building teams. He touches on internal feedback, the art of interviewing and the power of referrals. Needless to say, all should be constantly evolving and constantly improving. You can start with his tips.


How to Find Military Veterans for Sourcing and Recruiting by Glen Cathey (@GlenCathey)

It was great to see a ton of resources being shared on military recruiting and initiatives this week in honor of Veteran’s Day. This one is a gold mine of a post: Glen actually walks you through searching and sourcing for military veterans from boolean search queries (yes, you can use them!) and great demographic information on veterans. It’s a long, deep and educational resource. Take it in, take it all in.


Millennial Lane Sutton Says Marketing Is the Path to a Career in Employer Branding by Recruiting Daily (@RecruitingDaily)

I love that Lane’s title is Marketing AND Employer Branding Consultant. We believe strongly at SmashFly that marketing needs to inspire recruiting and that recruitment marketing is the future for modern recruiting organizations. Lane gets it. He discusses why employer branding is 10 years behind marketing and shares how his marketing skills were so transferable to employer branding.

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