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Another round up of awesome recruitment marketing articles and perspectives from this week. Take a look.


Content of the Week

The new dynamic duo in tech: ATS + Recruitment Marketing Platform. The ATS doesn’t need to change, it needs to partner. Here’s why.



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This collaboration with Glassdoor was awesome! Check out our latest eBook: Nurturing Candidates from Attraction to Hire.  


Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week

How PwC is Getting Veteran Recruiting Right by Dean Da Costa (@Deandacosta)

A very interesting article/interview by Dean, a veteran, who talks to Chris Crace, the US Veterans Advocacy and Recruiting Leader at PwC. Chris talks best practices, program success, and most importantly, about the need for closing the education gab between civilians and military veterans.


A Sobering Look at How Work—and Workers—are Changing Globally by China Gorman (@ChinaGorman)

China outlines the 9 key changes in the world of work from a very in-depth report from SHRM.


HRExaminer Radio: George LaRocque + John Sumser (@glarocque @JohnSumser)

This was a very engaging and lively discussion (and George LaRocque called it a friendly debate on Twitter) that focuses on the future of HR and talent acquisition technology. Always great thinking from both of these analysts in the space, and together it was definitely a radio chat worth listening to.


The Long Game: Recruitment Marketing Accountability by Holland Dombeck-McCue (@Holland_Dombeck)

Love the concept of recruitment marketing accountability Holland brings up, as well as the the strong focus on long-term success in talent acquisition, like building pipelines of warm leads your recruiters can source from. It will make you think about the difference between short-term ROI from immediate tactics versus. long-term recruitment marketing accountability that will help your sourcing, processes and hiring in the future.


Post and Pray Has Had Its Day by Steve Bates (@SHRM)

Ain’t that the truth. Steve includes perspectives from a host of leaders in the talent acquisition space, including our CMO Mike Hennessy, in an article about how job advertising and recruitment have changed in the last few years.

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