SmashFly’s Director of Marketing Chris Brablc walks through the five fundamental shifts in talent acquisition that will make recruitment marketing integral in 2016, including:

Market your employer brand over jobs: Your jobs are just one part of your employer brand! Typical job reqs won’t attract top talent in this competitive marketplace—you need to be creative and proactive, using Glassdoor ratings, employee stories, thought leadership and more.

Think in terms of the recruiting funnel: Awareness > consideration > interest > application > selection > hire. Recruitment marketing is the top half; recruiting is the bottom half. Your talent acquisition strategy can impact business decision-making.

Candidates should be able to do more than apply: The sole CTA of “Apply Now” might be driving other interested, but not yet ready to apply, candidates away. There needs to be other CTAs throughout the candidate experience to capture interest—and passive candidate’s information.

Candidate lifetime value: The candidates you’ve passed on in the past might just be your next great hire. Re-engage silver medalists. Use your CRM to re-engage with past candidates and applicants.

Source of influence is the new source of hire: Why only know one point when you could know them all? Source of hire will always be a pivotal metric for talent acquisition teams, but the sources of influence throughout a candidate’s entire journey to apply to your organization are an even bigger wealth of insights for how you can improve.

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  1. Like all industries, the recruitment industry is always changing. Whether new technology has become available or changing markets mean a change in approach, there is always something new to keep up with. The power has shifted! Previously we were seeing a largely employer-driven market. With more candidates per job role, employers were picking from a wide pool of candidates. Now, however, it’s the candidates who are leading the market – with more and more vacancies opening, employers are looking at a smaller candidate pool.
    Candidates are now in a powerful position, where they can be more selective about their next role.
    Organisations and recruitment agencies must be prepared for this situation. However, with the right recruitment techniques and a careful selection and interviewing process, employers will be able to stand out of the crowd and draw in the right profile of candidates. To see IT Recruitment Trends visit :

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