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This is a three-part series focused on the pivotal role of nurture in the candidate experience and recruitment marketing, inspired by the SmashFly + Glassdoor eBook: Nurturing Candidates from Attraction to Hire: A Guide to the Ultimate Candidate Experience

The changing talent acquisition landscape requires a more proactive, engaging, multi-touch approach to attracting leads and converting them into applicants and hires. For modern recruiting organizations, the answer is implementing a modern Recruitment Marketing strategy.

Recruitment Marketing is every tactic—sourcing, content marketing, email nurturing, social recruiting, mobile recruiting, career site, SEO, employee referrals, talent networks, job marketing, employer branding, recruiting events, recruiting analytics, CRM—that a talent acquisition team uses to find, attract, engage and nurture leads in order to convert them into more qualified applicants to fill jobs now and build a pipeline for the future.


So why does Recruitment Marketing matter now?

The consumerization of the candidate experience has changed talent acquisition forever. Candidates are like consumers. They research a new employer the same way they research products they want to buy, and they expect the process of engaging with a prospective employer to have that consumer feel. They demand relevancy, transparency and personalization―and expect it in every interaction before they even see an application.

4 in 5 people are either actively looking for jobs or open to better opportunities (Source: Glassdoor U.S. Site Survey, Oct 2014). But not every candidate is ready to apply—in fact, most candidates identify as passive, and an average of 60% may drop off during the application process. Capturing basic information from these interested leads before they halt their application process will allow you to engage them in the future.

Get ahead of the hiring game. Isn’t it exhausting starting from scratch for every new position? Business Insider reports, “the number of employers saying that they can’t fill open jobs is surging while the number of people being hired each month is starting to fall.” It’s not enough to just fill job reqs today. Modern recruiting organizations are building their own databases of interested leads to communicate with and nurture until the right job opens, forming brand advocates and helping to fill job reqs now and in the future.


Find, Attract, Engage, NURTURE, Convert

Nurture is an integral component of a Recruitment Marketing strategy that will help you solve many of these recruiting challenges by driving faster conversion of more qualified applicants today and building deep pipelines of warm leads for tomorrow. Quality leads don’t just appear in your database. You have to earn them: find, attract and engage them first!

Find and source candidates with critical skills. Many organizations start building pipelines here. You determine your critical skills, then your team scours the web for passive candidates that fit what you’re looking for on social sites like LinkedIn, in resume databases like CareerBuilder or Monster, career communities like Glassdoor where candidates research the company before they apply or through the open web with Boolean searches. The result is targeted pipelines of cold leads added to your Recruitment Marketing Platform  to reach out to and engage.

Attract candidates through your employer brand. Candidates are like consumers, and it takes 12 touch points before a consumer makes a purchase decision (Source: Google and Inmar, 2013) Your job descriptions, career site content and social networks all can and should impact a candidate’s decision to opt in to communication with your organization (talent network, blog subscription, email list, etc.). Think about what questions you need to answer for candidates to get them to engage with your organization and opt in? How are you helping them to learn more about your career opportunities and how they will be a star in your organization?

Engage candidates to opt in to communication with your organization. We’ll give you a tip: Every call-to-action to candidates doesn’t have to be “Apply Now!” Allow leads to engage with your organization by joining your talent network through different paths―this could be directly within the apply flow before the application; a tab on your Facebook page; a call-to-action on the homepage of your career site; or a link on your LinkedIn profile.


Why have a talent network?

A talent network is a database of interested leads who opt in to receive communications from you by providing their email address and other basic information in order to learn more about your jobs, projects, events and other career-related information without applying―a huge missed opportunity! But with a talent network form, you can capture their info before they drop off. Talent networks help you to:

Build a pipeline of interested leads separate from applicants: A talent network form allows you to capture interested leads who aren’t yet ready to apply, so you can build your own database of talent to have at your fingertips to source for jobs tomorrow, next month or even next year.

Nurture leads with targeted communications: A talent network allows ongoing communication through email or SMS to interested leads. Plus, with a Recruitment Marketing Platform, you can track clicks and engagements to better personalize the content and jobs you send.

Strengthen your candidate profiles: A talent network form can provide customized data fields so you can learn more about candidate interests and skills that funnel right into your Recruitment Marketing Platform.

27% of the Fortune 500 allow candidates to join their talent network without applying, and the number is expected to grow (Source: SmashFly 2015 Fortune 500 Recruitment Marketing Report Card, 2015). Start building pipelines of interested leads to gain a big competitive advantage!


Through sourcing passive talent, attracting them to your employer brand and engaging them to opt in to your talent network, you’ve effectively built a database of targeted and warm leads that want to hear from your organization. But how and what do we communicate to these leads? That’s where nurture comes in, and what drives leads to convert into applicants and ultimately great hires. Tune in for our next post in the series!


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