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Who’s pumped for Friday? Everyone! This week was a great week for great perspectives in recruitment marketing and talent acquisition. Take a look at our favorite resources, tweets and articles.


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In no particular order:

Here’s Why Your Content Marketing Strategy is Totally Failing

Some content tips from the content marketing gurus themselves. Talent acquisition, take note!


3 Tips to Focus on Quality Over Quantity When Sourcing Candidates by Kerri Mills (@TheJobGirl)


Why Does LinkedIn Need Connectifier? by Assaf Eisenstein (@assaf381)

Big news in the sourcing world last week! Assaf takes a look at why LinkedIn bought Connectifier and what this could mean for sourcers.


Why Nestle Purina is a Best Place to Work by Steve Degnan (@PurinaCareers)

Nestle Purina is doing awesome things in recruitment marketing and talent acquisition. Steve speaks our language, and his goals are on point. Congrats on making Glassdoor’s list of Best Places to Work!


Applicant Tracking Systems Are Dead.

While we don’t believe that ATSes are dead, Matt makes a point about “add-on” tools that we feel strongly about. The answer isn’t another point solution or add on tool to make your ATS better! The ATS is built for applicants and compliance. You need a different, holistic solution for leads and engagement. And ad hoc tools aren’t going to give you that.

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