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I recently reviewed an article predicting the 53 startups that will take off in 2016. The article mentioned some cool companies to watch, such as @UserTesting and @Confluent, but… SmashFly was missing from the list!  That inspired me to write a look inside our Recruitment Marketing Platform: the architecture, design and team that pulls it all together—because I think we’re a company to watch in 2016!


What’s a Recruitment Marketing Platform?

SmashFly is a modern Recruitment Marketing Platform. What is recruitment marketing? You can read about that here. Finding quality candidates is no easy task these days. The quality of candidates using the old “post-and-pray” method just doesn’t work as well as it needs to.  Sure, you have agencies and hoards of recruiters cold calling and lurking around social media sites, but let’s face it: that’s no way to find the qualified people you’re looking for.

With a Recruitment Marketing Platform (RMP), people with marketing skills who are dedicated to the recruitment process can use well-defined techniques to find, attract, engage, nurture and convert candidates into applicants. Pretty cool, right?


How a Recruitment Marketing Platform Works

Our RMP is a sophisticated collection of applications that work together and run continuously.  The platform is offered as a service (SAAS) and can be differentiated from other software offerings by the number of asynchronous operations running concurrently, and the amount of data collected around the clock. Collecting and organizing the data through the entire cycle allows us to aggregate the data into a unique view of leads, candidates, applicants and hires—by volume, dollars and many other attributes.  Corporate recruiters then have the information (through marketing tactics) to change the allocation of dollars towards a particular channel, or modify the content to better reach the intended audience, or other things, all to drive more qualified candidates towards open positions in the company.

In order to complete the entire cycle, the customer’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can be integrated with SmashFly. Applicant information, including whether an applicant was hired, is provided back to the Recruitment Marketing Platform; this additional information helps complete the cycle. Now, the RMP can show how a great candidate was found and ultimately hired.


A Recruitment Marketing Platform Scenario

Using the diagram above, lets walk through an example scenario. The recruitment marketer is targeting contacts already managed by the Recruitment Marketing Platform. A specific piece of content promoting the brand and job openings is created, then used in an email campaign. A candidate receives the email and shows interest by visiting the career marketing site. Impressed by the company but not seeing the right job listed, the candidate decides to join the talent network. The talent network provides the recruitment marketer a way to deliver timely, relevant information to potential applicants as part of a nurture campaign. Some time later, the candidate is reviewing openings on his/her favorite job board and recognizes the company (brand) and a job posting that looks interesting, or he/she sees a relevant job opening featured in a talent network newsletter. The candidate revisits the career marketing site, applies for the job and gets hired. This is a very simple scenario, but you can check out a case study video here and other content on SmashFly for more information. The takeaway is this: the RMP provides a single platform that delivers content to multiple recruitment marketing channels and tracks the activity from first touch all the way to hire in one single platform.


The Team Behind the Scenes

The engineering team responsible for the software works together across several agile teams to produce a truly multi-tenant, SAAS product. We have UX designers, open source developers, .Net engineers, QA engineers and database experts. Open. Collaborative. Curious. Problem Solvers. We are constantly collaborating. We’re dedicated and passionate about our work and the team we get to work with. We know what we are building is impacting both business and people, and it excites and drives our team to deliver great solutions to the intricate workings of the Fortune 1000.

Our core web application (SmashFly15 shown above) enjoys the benefits of a clean Single-Page-Application design based on HTML5, CSS, AngularJS and a micro services backend architecture. Design standards are used to ensure security and interoperability; we’ve implemented OAuth2, OpenIDConnect, REST and much more. The design is modern, secure and scalable. This gives the team a great deal of flexibility to add new features, take on new customers and release changes quickly.

There are a number of applications in the form of web services used both internally and externally by our customers. Web services are based on the micro services architecture, or SOA, which facilitates a business view of IT using a capabilities model. When the business requires enhancements to a capability the corresponding web service is updated. Web services ease scalability, reliability and cross-platform support among other things.

The team uses continuous integration and delivery to bring new features or bug fixes to our customers as soon as possible. We believe in test automation and automated release management with approvals into each environment—all of this ensures the quality of our software is top rate and developers spend more time developing.

We’re not done—there’s lots of work to do on UX, services, deployments, refactoring, cloud and more.  And we have some really cool work incubating for future releases. While my bias is obvious, I think SmashFly has already taken off and will continue even further in 2016.

If you think you have the technical chops and passion to help build a great software company with the urge to do something new and exciting, we want to hear from you.  Consider joining our talent network by visit our career marketing site jobs.smashfly.com or reach out directly.

If you’re responsible to deliver against hiring goals and struggle to find qualified candidates, you might consider giving SmashFly a good look. You can learn more about why you need a Recruitment Marketing Platform by visiting our smashfly.com.

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