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Building out a new partner ecosystem at SmashFly for the last year and a half has been a blast. Utilizing my HR technology network and finding new relationships to help SmashFly improve what we provide our customers is something that excites and energizes me. When the opportunity to partner with IBM Kenexa presented itself, I jumped at the chance, and now I want to scream it from the rooftops! (But this blog post will have to do!)

SmashFly and IBM Kenexa platforms have integrated for more than five years, with multiple mutual clients using their integrated solution. With some new additions to both solutions, it’s a pivotal time to announce what this partnership means for our customers and potential customers.

The integration is maintained by SmashFly to allow for a secure, seamless, behind-the-scenes integration that just works for our customers. Basically, SmashFly’s Recruitment Marketing Platform (RMP) – which includes job distribution, CRM, SEO career sites, social recruiting, referrals, talent network and more  – integrates seamlessly with IBM Kenexa’s ATS to bring unparalleled source-to-hire analytics for talent acquisition teams.

That means that our customers can:

  • Use one dashboard with a complete view of where their quality leads and applicants are coming from, plus every influence along the way.
  • Track every one of their recruitment marketing tactics from view to hire through Advanced Pipeline Metrics (APM) to gauge effectiveness.
  • Communicate intelligently and properly with candidates based on where they are in the talent acquisition process.
  • Ensure a seamless and easy navigation for their recruiters between the Recruitment Marketing Platform (managing leads) and the ATS (managing applicants).
  • Provide a better overall experience for their candidates from the research phase to the hiring phase of their candidate experience journey.


Powerful, right?

All in all, this partnership proves that modern recruiting organizations need both a Recruitment Marketing Platform to attract and engage leads in the front-end of the recruiting funnel AND an ATS to manage applicants and compliance. Together, the SmashFly/IBM Kenexa integration provides a complete view of your recruitment marketing strategy, from first source of attraction all the way through hire.  And we’re pretty darn proud of that.

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