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You have zombies lurking on your career site and recruitment marketing channels and you don’t even know it. The folks at Fistful of Talent and SmashFly know how to help you turn these zombie visitors into real, live candidate leads using a talent network and nurture strategy.

Lucky you, this is the full webinar presentation slides (although commentary from Tim Sackett, Kris Dunn and Derina Adamczak is webinar gold!). Highlights include:

  • Stats on candidate drop-off during the apply process
  • Why passive candidates on your recruitment marketing channels matter
  • What a talent network is and how it differs from a talent community
  • How to develop a sustainable content strategy to keep your talent network engaged
  • 5 ways top companies are using their talent networks to drive more qualified applicants
  • Live Q&A with Meijer’s Derina Adamczak (recruitment marketing extraordinaire!)
  • How to measure the success of your talent network

Plus, there may or may not be a few Walking Dead photos (shield your eyes if you don’t like zombies!) Enjoy, and we hope you listen to the full webinar here.

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