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Happy Friday, peeps. It’s also Employee Appreciation Day, so if you’re a boss, this is your reminder. If you’re an employee, take a lunch, have some fun, read a little bit. Here are the best recruitment marketing articles, tweets and perspectives this week, according to SmashFly.


Recruitment Marketing Content of the Week

We’re coming off the extravaganza that was SourceCon this week. The Florida sun, energy-drink filled presentations and INSANE insights have us pumped up, so we had to recap the conference in this Storify: Best Hacks, Laughs and Insights from SourceCon 2016.

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Tweet(s) of the Week

If you looked through the Storify, you know there were just TOO MANY amazing, hysterical, genius tweets this week to include them all. So we chose this one:

Plus, we announced a new partnership this week with Proactive Talent Strategies, Will Staney’s new consultancy. Check out what this means for making recruitment marketing a discipline.


Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week

How Facebook Could Destroy LinkedIn in a Year by Jim Stroud (@jimstroud)

If this headline doesn’t catch your attention, I don’t know what will. After attending SourceCon, it’s evident that recruiters and sourcers still spend so much of their time relying on LinkedIn. Here, Jim offers his strategy of how Facebook has the power to become the major player in recruiting.


Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For 2016 (@FortuneMagazine)

Congratulations to companies like Intuit, PwC and The Cheesecake Factory! It’s a huge deal to make this list, so job well done. Our tip: Check out the career sites, social channels, blogs, messaging, etc. of some of these brands for inspiration on what works!


What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team by Charles Duhigg (@cduhigg)

This is a very intriguing and well-developed article, albeit long. If you have the time, it offers tons of real-world examples and statistics on why people work well, or don’t work well, together. It will help you hire for better teams and give you insight into your own current teams. And obviously, Google is doing something right!


Open Letter to Yelp From Marine Corps Veteran by Jay Knight (@veteranology)

I don’t often see perspectives directly from military veterans to potential employers, which is why this letter stuck out. It brings up the gap between corporate recruiting and veterans, and while some companies do it much better than others, there is still so much room for improvement to understand and better implement veteran hiring initiatives. Using recruitment marketing tactics like specific messaging and career site landing pages, veteran-specific blogs or social media channels are places to start, but it needs to be a top-down focus.


A “Most Wanted” List: A Forward-looking Way to Hire Exceptional Talent by Dr. John Sullivan (@DrJohnSullivan)

Such an interesting and thoughtful perspective from Dr. Sullivan. While of course a “most-wanted” list doesn’t work for filling immediate reqs like he says, it’s a forward-thinking strategy of getting ahead of the eight ball, being proactive and hiring for talent, not for the job. Top talent will bring your organization to a higher caliber, and if you have the chance to hire them, then you do it, open job req or not. We love this because a “most wanted” list is a very elite talent pool, and building talent pipelines through a talent network is a first step to talking to those passive, but perhaps interested, candidates.

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