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I have always been a bit adventurous, and I don’t often shy away from taking chances. But early in my career, I had to play it safe. PriceWaterhouseCoopers offered me that stability, as well as a great learning ground where I gained exposure to Talent Acquisition and the critical role it plays within an organization.

From there I moved deeper into the Human Capital Management world with a role at Taleo. I had found my area of passion and discovered that the startup world offered an exciting and challenging environment. And when you join a startup, you have to be prepared and committed to do whatever comes your way. And so it went for many years until Taleo was acquired by Oracle. I stayed on board for a few years and met some great people along the way, but it didn’t take long before I realized I needed to get back to my passion: working with a startup. I believe then, as I still do, that the reward of building something new, something innovative and fresh, far outweighs the potential risks. And while my career at Oracle was fulfilling, I knew I was ready for the next challenge.

Two years ago that challenge came my way when I was approached to join a new startup, SmashFly.  SmashFly’s CEO, Mike Hennessy, and Chief Sales Officer, Scott Fowle, sat me down and explained their vision for SmashFly: to bring Marketing Automation technology to the world of Recruitment. A light bulb went off when I realized that SmashFly’s mission was to provide recruiters with the same technology solutions that were my lifeline in past Sales roles. A Hubspot for recruiting?! Needless to say, it didn’t take long to set the hook.

Admittedly, I was both anxious and excited. I remember my first day so vividly. We didn’t have a pitch deck. I had to hang sheets over the “conference room” windows so we could project on a wall. We had limited awareness, and no marketing team. Heck, even the heat in our Boston office was sporadic.  We were the quintessential startup, and we didn’t have much. But what we did have was a shared passion to change the way hiring was done. We wanted to impact an industry. We had a vision, and as employee #15, I signed on to help build that vision.

In my perfect world, I would play a hands-on role in helping build and grow a company from the ground floor and then move into a more senior level position. SmashFly has made that dream a reality. Over the last two years, I have had the pleasure of working with a remarkably talented and passionate team. Our team has helped grow the company, exceeding our annual goals and our expectations. And as a result, SmashFly is experiencing positive, healthy growth (we just announced our awesome Series B funding in January!)

My career, my passion and my belief in startups is not what I anticipated it would be when I entered the workforce. But I would not change a single thing … including the ups and downs, the risks and the rewards. And if you are open to shaking things up in your career, challenging conventional wisdom as it applies to Talent Acquisition, are anxious to contribute to a shared goal and motivated by being acknowledged for your hard work and contributions, our team is ready to manage and mentor new sales talent (and we have other positions too!). If you want to learn more about my experience or SmashFly’s career opportunities, please contact me. I’d love to tell you more about my skills for hanging sheets, among other things.

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