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Your career site needs both an artist and a scientist. With recruitment marketing, you can be both.

What makes the ideal career site? The right balance of dynamic storytelling, a distinctive EVP and targeted calls to action, backed by a solid foundation of analytics. Simply, it needs to blend both art and science to attract candidates and then convert them into applicants.

On March 23 2pm ET / 11 am PT, Kathryn Minshew, CEO of The Muse, Tracey Parsons, Director of Recruitment Marketing at SmashFly, and Will Staney, Founder of Proactive Talent Strategies, will share their perspectives and advice on creating career site masterpieces.

In this webinar, you’ll gain insight on:

  • Ensuring your EVP shines through your career site
  • Using real employee stories to drive transparency
  • Creating content for different stages in the candidate journey
  • Optimizing your landing pages and calls to action for better conversion
  • Measuring success with recruitment marketing technology and the right metrics

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