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This series is a partnership with Glassdoor for Employers covering the key elements and examples of nurture in a recruitment marketing strategy, inspired by our eBook: Nurturing Candidates from Attraction to Hire: A Guide to the Ultimate Candidate Experience. Read Part 1Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

So ―have you changed the way you think about nurturing candidates? More importantly, are you more invested in creating a transparent, targeted and proactive nurture strategy with your leads, candidates, applicants and new hires?

Here are 8 key nurture tactics that will get you there.


Tip 1: Optimal talent network placement can capture both passive and active candidates. Candidates engage with your employer brand through different mediums, so your talent network also should be promoted across different channels, on multiple pages of your career site and in the apply flow.
Tip 2: Customized fields can help capture the right data for more informed decisions. Ask for a few key fields: name, email and job family they are interested in. Once they opt in, you have time to build on their preferences, their skillsets and their interests.
Tip 3: Personalization will drive engagement. First, you have to understand your target personas, as well as what information they might be looking for. Create a candidate messaging plan for the candidate journey.
Tip 4: Automation can help drive conversions to apply. A Recruitment Marketing Platform can send automated emails to remind candidates to finish completing their applications, as well as targeted job alerts based on a candidate’s preferences.
Tip 5: Treat every applicant like a potential customer. Rather than “going dark,” remember to close the loop with every applicant who reaches out by acknowledging each contact, resume submission or interview appearance.
Tip 6: Provide a transparent view into your culture. Set up a multi-week drip email marketing campaign to proactively share employee content such as video interviews and employee blogs.
Tip 7: Stay proactive to reduce the number of declines and renegs. One strategy is to activate your referral network; another is to provide your employer Glassdoor rating vs. your competitors’ to candidates at the offer stage.
Tip 8: Check-in with recent hires. Start by putting formal processes in place. For example, check in with new hires at 30-, 60- and 90-day intervals.


Remember ― nurture is simply what, when and how you communicate to your candidates throughout their career search journey. You’ve learned how communicating the right message at the right time has had positive results for modern talent acquisition organizations in converting leads to applicants, reducing the number of renegs and building employee advocates.

Now it’s your turn.

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