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Every minute, Facebook users share 2.5M pieces of content, and Google receives more than 4M search queries. So how are you going to create content that competes with all of this stuff? How are candidates going to find you? Good news: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! You’re allowed to (and should!) curate and share relevant content that is already being created by others. (Quick tip: Curate is a fancy term for find!)

Recruitment marketing is all about getting in front of your target candidates with meaningful, helpful, authentic content. And you can’t expect to produce everything yourself. Here are 3 tips to help you start curating better content from your industry peers and influencers.


Three Points of Input

Follow the 60-30-10 rule: The perfect trifecta is to share 60% curated, 30% owned (from a careers blog, employee stories, contributors) and 10% promotional (basically, job postings). Of course, you’ll need your own content to drive candidates back to your assets, but you should also ask others to contribute (partners, new hires, industry writers) to keep your voice interesting and varied. And the biggest percentage? Collecting content from other sources that are interesting to your audience and give you credibility in your industry. In the social media world, exchanging information and ideas is what it’s all about – point your candidates to various sources where they can find out more. You can’t be an expert on everything, and candidates won’t want to look to you for everything – so look for ways to share with and from others. 


Relevancy Rules

To share relevant content, you have to know your audience! Often, employers feed candidates tons of information about their organization. But do we really know what candidates are asking? What they care about? What makes them happy? How we can help them be a better applicant or interviewee? Do a brief survey to your current employees, your new hires and your talent network – be sure you actually know what is interesting and exciting for your followers to hear about. You might even add a checkbox on your talent network form to ask what types of information a candidate wants to get emailed about. Test your findings periodically and adjust your content accordingly. 


Be Knowledgeable

The only way to be a great content curator is to actually seek and find the greatest content. You don’t have to read everything, but the content you share is a reflection on your organization. Start reading blogs in your industry. Start following key publications on Twitter and LinkedIn. Read new posts from LinkedIn Pulse. Who do you look to for information as an organization? Who would you look to for information if you were a candidate? Make a list. Then make a Twitter list. Then subscribe to daily digests or their blogs or publications. Have the great stuff come to you!

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