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In a world where 76% of candidates spend time searching and researching information about employers before they ever apply, a competitive advantage lies in understanding how SEO can improve your career site, content and job ads. SmashFly’s Digital Marketer (and aptly named “SEO Joe”) Joe Brady discusses SEO tips for talent acquisition leaders in this Slideshare presentation, where he walks through:

  • What is SEO and SEO 101
  • Basics about search engines
  • Why SEO matters for talent acquisition
  • How to optimize your job titles
  • How to improve your career site copy
  • How to become an SEO expert
  • Key SEO lessons to help you understand your candidate and how he or she searches

Talent acquisition professionals understand people. They understand the right people they need to change their organization. What they need to understand is how people search and what they’re searching for in order to put their employer brand front and center.

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