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SmashFly’s Chris Brablc and Glassdoor’s Kira Federer reveal an ugly truth: Candidates don’t need you as much as you need them! In their latest webinar Inside the Candidate’s Head, the recruitment marketing experts walk through the 5 stages of the candidate experience: Awareness, Consideration, Interest, Evaluation and Relationship.

Take a look at the webinar slides to get a candidate’s and employer’s perspective on each of these 5 stages:

  • Awareness: What company is this?! How to get in front of candidates with a compelling employer brand, great content and engaging stories
  • Consideration: What’s it like to work for this company? How to speak to candidates about what they want to hear, plus answer their questions right when they have them across multiple channels
  • Interest: What happens next? How to understand which candidates are ready to apply and which candidates want to stay in the loop and learn more via a talent network
  • Evaluation: Are you right for me? Am I right for you? How to help candidates gauge true fit and set realistic expectations about the process, plus how to track candidate’s behaviors and interests to understand if they’re the right fit for you
  • Relationship: Did I make the right decision? How to help new hires get acquainted, learn from other employees and give honest feedback to help you get better in your candidate experience

Plus, for every stage, get a pro tip and key stats that will help you understand the important of building your candidate experience in a 5-stage plan. For more on getting inside the candidate’s head, check out SmashFly’s just-published eBook: 5 Stages of the Candidate Experience.


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