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In Aberdeen’s latest research report, Recruitment Marketing: Converting Candidates, Winning Talent, it’s clear that candidates are the driving force behind the biggest shift in talent acquisition strategy in the last five years. Candidates feel more empowered in their career search, have more options than ever before, and have a multitude of resources at their fingertips to help them figure out the best employer for them. According to Aberdeen, 75% of the fully employed workforce considers themselves passive candidates , which means they can be attracted and engaged with a new opportunity at any time.

On top of the increasing savviness and expectations of candidates today, Aberdeen reveals other key pressures forcing HR and talent acquisition leaders to transform their thinking:

  • Hiring for critical skills
  • Beating out competition to find and hire top talent
  • Aligning with hiring managers to hire better-fit employees

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The traditional ways of attracting candidate leads (relying on third-party databases and job boards) just aren’t enough to win top talent – which is why best-in-class organizations are using recruitment marketing strategies to influence, engage and convert candidates throughout their entire experience .

Here are three telling stats from Aberdeen’s report, plus insight into what they mean for other organizations looking to transform their recruiting discipline.

  1. Best-in-Class Organizations are twice as likely to use recruitment marketing within their talent acquisition function. Simply: organizations that are hiring stronger candidates and improving their time to find candidates are using modern recruitment marketing technologies and strategies. They’re exploring video, social media, talent networks, and mobile. They’re working with marketing to ensure employer branding aligns with consumer branding. Aberdeen reveals 45 percent of companies indicate that improving the candidate experience is their number one priority in 2016. To improve the candidate experience, you need to understand what sources influence the candidate and what they’re looking for at every stage in their journey. Recruitment marketing is the strategy that finds, attracts, engages, and nurtures those candidates across every touchpoint.


  1. Best-in-Class Organizations are 30 percent more likely to invest in new technologies to make recruitment more engaging to candidates. Organizations that are ready to transform their recruiting strategies and test new tactics for attracting candidates understand the value of technology in improving processes, efficiency, and measurement. This is a big shift for organizations that have traditionally relied on their ATS, but now understand its limitations for talent attraction and engagement! New technology, like a Recruitment Marketing Platform, provides a way to manage your outbound sourcing, inbound recruitment marketing, and employer branding all in one solution that can track the candidate journey from first touch point all the way to hire. Modern recruiting organizations that invest in new technology like a Recruitment Marketing Platform can engage with candidates more effectively and leverage automation to track every effort and dollar.


  1. Best-in-Class Organizations are 55 percent more likely to proactively build and expand the candidate pipeline regardless of current hiring needs. Organizations who are succeeding in talent acquisition are preparing for the future, not just hiring for the next open req. This stat is so pivotal in understanding why top recruiting organizations are prepared to fill roles faster and with better candidates: they are building talent pipelines of interested leads who are looking for the right opportunity and who are open to ongoing communication. Talent pipelines give your organization a database of sourceable contacts to mine as positions open, without starting from scratch using third-party databases. Plus, if you’re consistently marketing to your talent network with email marketing, every send is an opportunity to convert the right lead on the right role, without recruiters doing any additional work.


There are more revealing stats where these came from. To get Aberdeen’s full look at the recruitment marketing landscape and how best-in-class organizations use recruitment marketing, download the Aberdeen report here.

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