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Despite the “email is dead” hype, 70% of Internet users use email as their primary form of communication with business. But with all the inbox clutter, your employer brand has to stand out among the other subject lines and make top candidates take action and click.

How? You build a talent network: a database of interested candidate leads who opted in to hear more from your organization, waiting for you to impress them with an opportunity they can’t refuse or an employee story that resonates with them. If you send them the same old automated job alerts, they’re going to opt out. If you don’t send them anything, they’ll forget about you.

Here are four un-boring content ideas that will get your leads to open your emails, stay interested and take action :


Targeted Job Alerts

Job alerts are easy to automate and abundant, which is why most organizations send them. But there’s a difference between a good job alert and a bad job alert. A good job alert:

  • Is targeted, engaging and relevant
  • Opens with a subject line of a job that matches the preference and interest of the candidate, for instance, engineering or sales or a specific location
  • Only includes jobs that match these preferences, not every job in the company
  • Shows when the job was posted, an enticing overview of the role, and a clear call to action
  • Has an employee story or an associated project or case study to give the depth and the candidate a sense of the company

A bad job alert looks and sounds like an automated job robot blasting every single job to every single candidate. Hint: Candidates can tell.


Interesting News and Projects

If your company launches a new product, hosts an event or conference, completes an amazing project, wins an award, or receives public recognition, like being named to a “Great Places to Work” list – let your leads know! Just don’t send a press release. These are great instances to get employee reactions, CEO perspectives, and third-party coverage on your organization. Find a way to talk about the importance of these milestones on career opportunities or professional development at your company from the point of view of the people they directly affect.


Real Talk From Employees

People hire people. Candidates aren’t going to make a connection solely with your career site or your brand, they are going to make a connection to the people behind the brand. Profile an employee in a specific department the candidate has shown interest in. Offer a chance to ask questions about the interview and hiring process. Encourage them to connect with a specific employee on LinkedIn. As your employee advocacy and content marketing matures, this content can take all forms, like quick videos, blog posts from different roles, photos, infographics, or links to microsites dedicated to employee testimonials.


Curated Content

Just because you didn’t write it, doesn’t mean you can’t share it! Offering content that your organization finds interesting and helpful to candidates is an awesome way to build rapport and reinforce your brand’s domain expertise. Discussing industry trends, important developments or hot topics specific to a segment’s professional interests adds big value – plus it’s quick to find and easy to share.


For more specific tips on how to make your careers newsletter un-boring and how to measure effectiveness, download the quick guide!

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