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Do candidates think you’re just another inbox clog? Or are you using tailored messaging to stand out and produce results?

As talent acquisition leaders think more like marketers, adopting specific tactics and technologies to help them attract, engage, and nurture leads, it’s also important for recruiters to think more like marketers in their outreach and emails to cold leads. Recruiters are “selling” one of the more important things a person can “buy:” a new career. So it’s time to bridge the gap between marketing and recruiting when it comes to cold outreach techniques!

In tomorrow’s webinar, 5 Hacks for Writing Cold Recruiting Emails That Get Responses, SmashFly Opportunity Consultant Danny Halloran and response rate extraordinaire introduces 5 simple and highly customizable ways to boost response rates and start conversations with candidate leads.

You’ll gain insight on how to:

  • Get more responses from passive talent
  • Stand out from a crowded inbox
  • Get more qualified candidates in the door, faster

Pave your way to a more engaged talent pool and higher quality applicants with a successful messaging strategy. Sign up for the free 30-minute webinar now!

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