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In 2012, Bright House Networks started a large and essential initiative to improve recruiting across the company. It’s first crucial steps were to create a Center for Excellence in Recruiting and hire Jennifer Tracy as Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and Diversity to run it. Jen’s initial, and substantial, goals were to:

  • Increase applicant reach
  • Improve the candidate experience
  • Establish a strong social media presence
  • Deliver a branded and optimized mobile experience
  • Produce measurable data about the company’s recruitment processes

Jennifer immediately upgraded and streamlined processes within Silkroad’s Open Hire, Bright House Networks’ longstanding ATS, but in order to meet her goals throughout the recruiting funnel, she needed another technology in the front-end to attract and engage candidate leads and meet her specific recruitment marketing objectives.

“Recruitment marketing for Bright House is really around the activities and tools that are necessary to attract quality talent, first to the company, then to our employee value proposition (EVP), then to our jobs. I found very quickly that the gaps we had could easily be fixed by a relationship with SmashFly.”



Starting with job distribution in early 2013, Bright House has continued to transform their strategy by adding more initiatives – all managed and tracked by SmashFly – throughout the past two years to truly create a recruitment marketing discipline within the organization.

  • Job Distribution: Ensure job openings could automatically be marketed to the best-performing sites without any manual oversight.
  • Talent Network: Drove new candidate leads through a form on the career site and in the application process, building a pipeline of contacts.
  • SmashFly-powered, Mobile-optimized Career Site: Launched fully mobile-optimized site, complete with targeted landing pages for key job categories and diversity initiatives.
  • iPad Applications: Capture leads into the talent network at career fairs, on campuses and at networking events.
  • SmashFly Referrals: Refresh the referrals program to boost employee engagement and quality referrals to reach a goal of 30% referral workforce.
  • PPC: Increase direct exposure to targeted candidate leads with the flexibility of changing messaging and sources based on results.



As early adopters of a Recruitment Marketing Platform in early 2014, Bright House Networks got a jumpstart on the competition in adopting a measureable recruitment marketing strategy, which helped to build a talent pipeline of over 800,000, optimize and streamline job distribution to the most effective channels and bring in more than 75,000 applications from the career site.

In 2015 and into 2016, Jen truly pushed the organization into a full recruitment marketing discipline, starting unique new initiatives across the entire recruitment marketing journey:


In 2016, Bright House reallocated a significant amount of marketing spend from job boards to PPC, which is all tracked through SmashFly. With the help of their marketing agency KRT, Bright House posts to job boards using PPC without having an annual contract, saving a significant amount of budget. Plus, Jen is able to see which publishers are low- and high-performing, allowing her to reallocate budget to the most successful channels.


Referral Program:

In 2014, Bright House rebranded its employee referral program and started a reeducation process with all of its employees. In 2015, Jen took the program one step further by implementing SmashFly Referrals, which helped to make the messaging more personal (unique landing pages for specific job interests), the process simpler (mobile-friendly forms and less formal requirements) and the network broader (expanding potential referral sponsors beyond employees to advocates, partners, alumni and more).


Talent Network:

Sixty percent of the Bright House workforce is customer care technicians. To continue to build pipeline and increase hiring of this high-volume position, Jen runs marketing campaigns through the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Platform to specific audiences within the talent network who showed interest in this role. In a recent campaign, Bright House sent email communication to 246 people who had indicated interest in a customer care role – the team talked to 30 percent of those leads, and three percent were hired. These were leads that Bright House had already paid to attract and engage, so these hires were more cost-effective and quicker to start than candidates that had to be sourced from scratch for the role.


End-to-end Metrics: 

Bright House had no single source of truth for their recruiting efforts before implementing a Recruitment Marketing Platform; Jen’s team relied on several systems and vendors to report data, all of which was pieced together ad hoc and difficult to trust.

Jen and her team, with help from partners like KRT Marketing, have gained tremendous insight into how to more effectively find quality candidates for hard-to-fill positions. Prior to SmashFly, they had only four qualified candidates that they identified in the previous quarter and were able to hire none. Using SmashFly’s geo tool, Jen and her team were able to post the job in the markets that had a higher inclination for technical skills (i.e., San Francisco versus Tampa). That allowed Bright House to engage with 20 candidates, of which they hired four in the next quarter.


To get the complete case study with full initiatives, results, and testimonials from Bright House Networks, download here.

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