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You probably read the words “talent network” and think, “Why would I want to get email blasts from a company I don’t know, advertising jobs I don’t need?” We get it, but our reality is that you should be as active in choosing a company as a company is in choosing you. Talent networks help you figure out what a company is all about. Changing jobs is a big decision to make, and you need to be sure that what makes our company tick is what makes you tick, too. Think of it this way: joining our talent network is an easy way to mitigate risk.

A good talent network should make it a priority to share content and offer services that delivers you value. At SmashFly, our goal is impact on our clients’ hiring and business success and the forward progress of our industry, and we are looking for passionate, curious people who want the same thing. We know, however, that not all talent networks are created equal, so we’re going to give you five reasons why it’s joining a talent network is good decision for you and your career.

  1. Receive a deeper sense of your fit, allowing you to pre-screen the employer. Perhaps the greatest benefit of joining a talent network is the deep insight you can gain into who the company is. There is nothing worse than joining a company and determining after the fact that it is not the right fit. Talent networks can help alleviate “buyer’s remorse” as a candidate. A strong talent network will provide its members with content, tools and information. It’s designed to help you figure out if the company is really the right place for you, your talent, your passion and your career
  2. Be the first to hear about job opportunities. A talent network is a way to remove the friction from the hiring process. Sometimes, your perfect company won’t have an opening in your perfect role. But, when you join a talent network, you get an opportunity to learn when new positions open up, and in many cases, the recruiters will call you first, eliminating the hassle of rummaging through opportunities that may not meet your needs. A talent network gives you first crack at new opportunities that arise.
  3. Learn about people you might soon call colleagues. As a member of a strong talent network, you will have the opportunity to learn about the company from the current employees’ points of view. In addition, the talent network can keep you apprised of events the company will attend so you can network with current employees and get the inside story. And like our first reason, it’s a great way to identify if the company fits you.
  4. Get information that makes you a great candidate and interviewer. You’ll be the first to hear about tips and tricks to being a great candidate at the company. Talent networks can provide you with insights and information that lead to great interviews, a standout resume and more.
  5. Stay up to date with industry-relevant news. You can get access to what people at the company are reading or breakthroughs in your industry that the company is involved in or interested in tackling. Talent networks can provide members with content that is most pertinent to your industry.

And while it is never fun to have clutter in your inbox, the goal of a talent network is to provide you with content that is valuable to you and the future of your career. The good news is that these communications are infrequent enough that they won’t clog your inbox and valuable enough that they will give you an inside look at a potential employer, perhaps sending you the right opportunity exactly when you’re ready for a move. We’d love to have you in our talent network — feel free to click this join button.

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