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There’s a battle for the inbox. How will you boost your open rate and response rate? By taking key tips from marketing and sales pros. SmashFly’s Opportunity Consultant Danny Halloran delivered this webinar on 5 hacks for writing more personalized, but replicable, cold emails that get candidates to pay attention and reply (bingo!). Danny covers these 5 simple hacks in more detail and with key examples:

  • Make it personal: You need to find the right trigger for each candidate you outreach to: that means, get to know them enough to make a positive connection.
  • Focus on subject lines: Your email is only as good as your subject line, because if they don’t open, they can’t read the rest.
  • Nail your format: There is a right way to structure your email for optimal reading and response.
  • Master email guessing: If you’re going to get good at guessing, you have to be good about being upfront about it.
  • Persist, persist, persist: Creating a touchpoint model will help you always follow up; it’s rare to get a top candidate on your first time around!

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