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Another Friday, another round of the best in recruitment marketing resources and articles this week.


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How Richard Branson Plans to Make Over $7 Million A Year … in Recruiting? by Bryan Adams (@Bryan_phc)

“What if your candidate experience was so positive that it created new customer acquisition opportunities from the people we engaged with?” Yes. And it should work vice versa.


The Employee Referral Opportunity You May Be Missing by Eric Putkonen (@eputkonen)

“In many companies, once the recruiter makes the hires and perhaps onboards them, the recruiter is no longer involved in the new employees’ time at the company. This is a mistake and a missed opportunity.” Keeping recruiters involved allows them to see who the top performers are – and to try to encourage more referrals from them. Keeping employees involved throughout the referral process gives them a stake in referring and appreciation for doing so.


Work Less and Get More Done by Monty Majeed (@montymajeed)

Every person wants to work less and get more done (OK, maybe only most people want to do the latter). It’s why we look to technology and automation for simple tasks, organization and more. This article is about productivity and attention spans, but the bigger message is about working smarter and faster. Recruiters, look no further than technology like a Recruitment Marketing Platform.


10 Snapchat Hacks to Make Your Snaps Stand Out by Social Media Examiner (@SMExaminer)

You’re probably not snapping about your organization yet. But you very well may have to start.

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