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If you aren’t tracking the entire candidate journey, how can you improve it?

Research by Invero shows that today’s candidate touches 18 source of information and checks 7-8 reviews before he or she hits apply. Unfortunately, typical recruiting metrics offer insight into just one of those: the last source a candidate used before he or she applied. If you want to fully understand the impact of your recruitment marketing efforts, you need to look at the candidate journey from end to end, tracking every touchpoint and interaction along the way.

Enter source of influence. It’s more than a metric; it’s a way of understanding the candidate journey from attraction to application, and tracking the effectiveness of each recruiting channel your company uses. It helps answer questions like:

How many qualified candidates are coming in through a specific channel?

How do engineering candidates and finance candidates differ in their touchpoints?

How did a specific email message drive applicant conversion?


Source of influence allows you to understand what’s working and what’s not in your recruiting process, while piecing together how the best candidates interact with your employer brand. Join SmashFly’s Elyse Mayer and Glassdoor’s Kirsten Davidson on 7/21 for a webinar on the what, why, and how of source of influence. This webinar will teach you to:

► Understand where your best hires and high-quality candidates come from.

► Identify and influence more qualified, interested candidates to apply.

► Use source of influence data to inform your recruitment marketing strategy and re-allocate talent acquisition spending for maximum ROI.


Register here to learn how to measure the candidate journey and optimize your recruitment marketing spend.

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