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Employer branding is not a one-size-fits-all exercise— your employer brand is unique to your organization and something that can be molded and shaped to attract ideal candidates.

When thinking about your campus recruiting strategy, take a step back. Don’t just do what you think they want (or what you would want). Do your homework to truly understand what recent grads and soon-to-be grads want and how to target them with your employer brand.

At Glassdoor, we work with companies every day who are looking to attract recent grads. Here are some of best pro tips for hiring managers, recruiters and talent acquisition pros:


  1. Career development matters.

Forty-six percent of Millennials left their last job due to a lack of career growth, according to a 2013 Glassdoor member survey. Considering that Millennials are slated to make up half of the workforce in the next five years and two-thirds of the workforce by 2025, understanding their values is critical.

Recent grads seek positions with long-term growth potential and want to understand how their roles will play a part in the larger organization. Long gone are the days where interns and entry-level candidates sat in cubicles doing one-off tasks. As the newest members of an organization, soon-to-be grads are hoping to be respected and appreciated from the get-go.

To show potential candidates how much their career development means to you, be clear during interviews about possible career paths for the role they’re applying to, and how others in the role have excelled internally. Hearing these stories will give grads the chance to visualize themselves in the role and get them excited to be a part of your team!


  1. Sell work-life balance every chance you get.

Nearly 80 percent of Millennials look for people and culture fit with employers, according to a 2014 Collegefeed study. Work/life balance matters to new grads, and they want to be a part of a company that also values work time and personal time.

To show soon-to-be grads how you value their individuality and time, promote your work/life balance on social media channels and your Glassdoor profile. Use your Snapchat account to show employees taking midday walks, at happy hours or celebrating team wins. Use Glassdoor as a platform to feature photos and videos of the same activities. Encourage your employees to leave reviews about what they love (and don’t love) about working at your company. If employees feel taken care of at work, it will show in their reviews. Leverage and promote those reviews to your advantage in your efforts to win over recent grads with your employer brand.


  1. Pay attention to what’s working – and what’s not.

Instead of simply assuming what’s resonating with your target audience, dig into the data! Where are people spending their time? Which recruiting channels are converting highest for you – and why? Which could you cut?

For example, sixty-five percent of Millennials say they hear about companies through friends or online job boards, but an astonishing 98 percent of companies still believe on-campus fairs are the best way to brand themselves with students, according to a 2013 NACE Survey. Dig into your own data before committing to certain recruiting initiatives.

At the end of the day, grads want to feel valued, have a healthy work/life balance and work for a company that will help them reach their full potential. Start tailoring your branding efforts to this unique group of new hires and you’ll find success in no time!
For more tips on how to attract recent grads, download our eBook, The Resourceful Recruiter’s Guide to Recruiting College Grads.

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