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Happy Friday! Another week of awesome recruitment marketing articles, news, perspectives and more. Take a look.


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Study: Which Companies Offer the Fastest Online Job Application Process?


Inbound Recruiting is Killing Your Talent by Tim Sackett (@TimSackett)

Modern recruitment marketing HAS to include the right balance of inbound recruiting and outbound sourcing. Tim (aka SmashFly Transform MC) makes such a great point in this post: you can’t sit back and top talent come to you. That’s why they’re PASSIVE! “You need to go out and find talent that doesn’t even know you have a job opening and entice them to apply, to fall in love with you, to show interest! This is ‘real’ recruiting.” It’s real recruitment marketing.


Hiring Lessons From the Guy Who Recruited 9,000 Paid Staffers for the Olympics by Fast Company (@FastCompany)

Um, that’s a big task. This article is a must-read and offers five great lessons about hiring, from diversity to understanding limitations to setting expectations to communicating employer brand.


User Memory Design: How to Design for Experiences That Last by Curt Arledge (@curtarledge)

“Understanding the difference between experience and memory — and the ways they are related — can make us more sophisticated experience designers.” Be prepared, this is a long post, but it is so telling about how certain experiences can create strong emotions and lasting memories. And what if you could do that with your career site design? It’s about a peak moment and their last moment. Read this.


Job Seeker to Employer: Well, I Don’t Have All Day by Paul Davidson (@PDavidsonusat)

“Right now, (candidates) just don’t have … patience. They’re saying, ‘if you don’t hire me I can go to 10 other advertising agencies.” What a case for recruitment marketing: building relationships earlier with candidate, creating a pipeline of more quality talent for the future and consistently communicating brand over job.

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