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45% of companies say improving the candidate experience is their biggest talent acquisition priority in 2016, according to a new report by Aberdeen Group. Why? Because candidates are researching employers and seeking a connection through more channels than ever before.

This infographic draws from SmashFly and Aberdeen Group research on how best-in-class organizations use recruitment marketing strategies to improve the candidate experience and differentiate themselves from middle-of-the-pack organizations. Key highlights include:

  • 58% of talent acquisition teams list shortage of critical skills in the labor pool as a top challenge
  • Best-in-class organizations are twice as likely to use recruitment marketing strategies to attract and engage candidates
  • Best-in-class organizations are 79% more adept at aligning content to the buyer’s (candidate) journey
  • Best-in-class organizations are 30% more likely to invest in new technologies for recruitment marketing

Click to view the full infographic. 


To get more statistics and insight, download the full Aberdeen Group analyst report.

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