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Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the newest solution in SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform: SmashFly Events.

When it comes to recruitment marketing, recruiting events matter – and SmashFly helps organizations prove that. By adding an Events solution to our Recruitment Marketing Platform, we’re expanding the role events play in a talent acquisition strategy: helping organizations maximize their investment by making better hires for today and building pipeline with target audiences – like military, diversity and campus – for the future.


Why Events Are Important Today and in the Future

As with any new enhancement to our Recruitment Marketing Platform, we closely partner with our customers to determine their needs and how we can help them achieve their goals. We’re proud to work with enterprise organizations that use our Platform to execute and measure their entire recruitment marketing strategy, including job marketing, career sites, candidate relationship marketing (CRM), email campaigns, social media, employee referrals and other recruitment marketing initiatives.

These companies invest a lot of time, budget and resources into recruitment marketing, and for many, it includes a large investment in campus and initiative recruiting events. But there’s a clear pain: talking with our customers, we heard loud and clear that the point tools they use to market and manage their events (including spreadsheets!) aren’t working efficiently or effectively and are siloed from the rest of their talent acquisition strategy.

The challenges they face with recruiting events are twofold:

  • First, recruiters and event staff are struggling with executing and managing the promotion, logistics and communication of their events. One event can be challenging; many events – whether 20 or 200 – can be overwhelming.
  • Second, talent acquisition leaders aren’t able to understand or measure how events, especially campus recruiting, influenced candidates, drove hires and built pipeline.

Our Events solution manages, automates and measures your strategy for every event to make events easier and more effective for your organization. By adding this functionality to our Recruitment Marketing Platform, you’re able to execute and measure everything you’re doing to find, attract, engage, nurture and convert leads in a single technology, eliminating siloes, streamlining processes and proving ROI of channels side-by-side. Win, win, win.


Maximizing Every Recruiting Event

The big picture for recruiting events: You have the chance to influence top talent in person, which can be a pivotal touchpoint in a candidate’s career journey, whether a soon-to-be grad who is looking for an internship or a veteran who wants the chance to communicate how her experience transfers to business. According to Hubspot, 95% of people say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships. And that’s what organizations want with their candidates and talent pipeline: a starting point to building a relationship, and opportunity for you to educate candidates about your employer value proposition. If you make a memorable first impression, you can earn that potential candidate for life. And that’s what SmashFly will empower you to do.

SmashFly Events will help you manage events seamlessly to build those valuable relationships by:

  • Marketing and socializing the event to multiple targeted audiences to broaden awareness
  • Managing event details and communication to event staff and event registrants to streamline processes
  • Capturing candidate information during the event with a talent network form to maximize lead generation and build talent pipelines
  • Consistently nurturing leads post-event with the right content and messaging to foster relationships for the right opportunity
  • Automating reminders, alerts, communication and registration list workflows to work smarter and faster
  • Helping recruiters and hiring managers follow up with top leads to convert to applicants to generate more applicants and ultimately hires
  • Measuring and tracking success of the event, both the day of the event and long-term, in one platform to prove the ROI of your event investment on business growth


Why Events Belong in a Recruitment Marketing Platform

At SmashFly, we are all about proving and measuring the value your recruitment marketing strategy. We believe wholeheartedly that you can’t track success in a silo, and that to get and analyze accurate data, it needs to come from one platform. And events are no different!

By managing and measuring events within the same technology you measure the rest of your talent acquisition strategy, your team will be able to:

  • Use a single software for recruitment marketing across the entire recruiting team, from campus to professional hiring to hourly
  • Manage and measure events holistically alongside other recruitment marketing tactics like job marketing, social media, employee referrals, career site and more
  • Understand how every event impacts applicants and hires, whether the event is a first touchpoint or later in the candidate’s journey
  • Measure how every event drives leads, applicants and hires long-term
  • Understand if your investment is worth the ROI in pipeline and hires


We’re so excited to see our customers start utilizing SmashFly Events to manage and measure their recruiting events, as well as to gain a deeper understanding of the recruitment marketing tactics that generate leads, build talent pipelines and produce hires for their organization.

To see Events live in action within our Recruitment Marketing Platform, request a demo

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