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Happy Friday peeps! We are gearing up for HR Tech and ready to touch down in Chicago next week for a whirlwind of talent acquisition technology insights. Before the excitement (and chaos) hits, take a break and intake some of our favorite talent acquisition articles of the week.


Content of the Week


An effective career site has to be a perfect blend of art and science. These three career sites pack the punch and convert visitors into leads and applicants. Win, win.


Tweet of the Week 

Wednesday was Launch Day! Check out the newest enhancement to SmashFly’s Recruitment Marketing Platform, Events, and how it will help your organization maximize your investment in recruiting events.


Articles of the Week

HR Technology Conference: 5 Reasons We’re Excited to Attend by Madeline Laurano (@madtarquin)

To say everyone is pumped about HR Tech 2016 is an understatement. Madeline lists 5 reasons to look forward to HR Tech, including which session is at the top of her list.


5 of the Most Creative Recruiting Campaigns by Stephen Clarke (@SocialTalent)

From Tourism Queenland’s “Best Job in the World” to IKEA’s “Career Instruction,” time to get inspired by the movers and shakers in recruitment marketing.


Recruit Like a Marketer, Never Stop Looking For Candidates


Three Unexpected Brands That Are Turning to Storytelling to Drive Recruiting by Lars Schmidt (@ThisisLars)

It’s easier said than done to bring true storytelling into a brand, or employer brand for that matter. These three brands are taking recruitment marketing to a new level, using digital and content marketing to increase employee stories and advocacy.


How Dell’s Recruiting Team Partners With Marketing to Drive Employer Brand Success by HROS Blog (@HROpenSource)

Love the way HR Open Source presents case studies, and this spotlight on Dell is the complete story of how, why and what the company did to boost internal collaboration, improve social media strategy and drove employer brand ownership and loyalty.

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