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This series provides a glimpse of careers at SmashFly, more importantly, SmashFly employees in their element: how they got here, what they do everyday (the good, the bad and the ugly) and how their position drives company success. We’re excited for you to meet the Team SmashFly!


My Road to SmashFly

Last February, I applied for the Recruitment Marketing Specialist position at SmashFly. As I drove home from my in-person interviews, I was so encouraged by the connection I felt with the team (now my coworkers) that I sang along to the song playing on 106.7: Katie Perry’s “Firework.” After I totally nailed the chorus, I looked down at my phone to discover I was 3+ minutes into a call with the last number I had dialed: SmashFly’s Office Manager, Mary.

Convinced my singing voicemail had destroyed my candidacy, I did what any sensible, recent college grad would do: I frantically called my mom. She counseled me NOT to call back and apologize. To this day, I’m not sure if Mary heard me nail Katie Perry’s high-note, but now I am sure that I wouldn’t have been judged either way.


What I Do (in One Sentence):

 Recruitment Marketing Specialist: I blend marketing tactics with recruiting savvy to build and communicate our employer brand, attracting and engaging the right candidates.


What I Did Yesterday:

Searched for professional events for the SmashFly team.

  • Finding professional events for my coworkers to attend is an important part of my job. Events are a great way to meet active, passionate talent of any discipline. By attending, my coworkers grow their professional networks, which in turn helps SmashFly build brand awareness. This can lead to employee referrals (the fastest, cheapest source of hire!), as well as increased applicant traffic.

Developed nurture tracks.

  • I build, write and send emails to “nurture” potential candidates in our talent network. The goal of nurturing is to convert qualified talent into applicants and to build pipelines of warm leads for tomorrow’s hiring needs. Last month, we nurtured our talent network with an email that featured productivity secrets from some of our most efficient employees. The email generated a number of applicants, and those who didn’t apply received a gentle reminder of what SmashFly is all about, keeping our company top of mind.


What I Owned This Month:

Developed new video content for our career site.

  • Video is quickly replacing text as a best practice in talent acquisition. According to Unbounce, including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. The Recruitment Marketing team is working on a new video to show talent what it’s like to work at SmashFly. For us, it’s a more authentic way to lift up the hood and give candidates a peek inside our company. Together with our Director of HR and our Creative Director (who was just named a 40 Under 40 in Boston, by the way), we wrote a script, interviewed coworkers and filmed the video. We’re in the editing stage now, so look forward to seeing it on our site soon!

Produced content for employees to share on social.

  • Leveraging our team’s social networks is one of the most effective methods for sharing our employer brand and attracting talent to SmashFly. I produce content (employee stories, candidate tips and job promotions) three times a week, then provide it to my colleagues, who share it via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Building brand advocates one tweet at a time!

Optimized our career site.

  • One of the best things about working for a pioneering company in Recruitment Marketing is the emphasis we place on innovation. We’re constantly trying new things, to see what works and what doesn’t for certain candidates. I’m amazed by the difference that small changes can make, and it shows, both in our recruiting metrics and in the feedback we receive from candidates. Last month, we simply changed the color of our “Apply” button and saw an increase in click-through rate of more than 400%!


What I Love:

If you follow SmashFly on any of our social channels, you know that we consistently share how SmashFly is great because our people are great. In my role, I have the distinct pleasure of discovering just how awesome Smashers are, and I get to share that awesomeness with other people, who, like me, are interested in working for a great company. By getting inside candidates’ heads, we’re able to take a lot of the hassle out of finding a job at SmashFly, and that’s something I can feel great about.


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I’m lucky to be a part of this awesome team: challenges, successes and all. Learn where you could be an asset to SmashFly here.

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