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Recruiting is undergoing a transformation. It’s merging best-in-class marketing techniques (and technology!) with recruitment practices that drive more quality leads through the top of the funnel, giving us a new discipline: recruitment marketing. Building a recruitment marketing discipline takes a combination of people, process and technology. Technology is only part of the equation, but it’s essential to the equation, and these four key trends shaping talent acquisition and recruiting software prove it.


Lead Generation & Nurture

There’s more competition for top talent than ever before (unemployment is at a 7-year low!). Leading organizations understand they have to build relationships earlier with potential candidates, meaning they need to be more proactive and drive more leads into the top of the recruiting funnel in order to nurture them to convert into applicants. Not every candidate is ready to apply today ― in fact, 74% of interested leads drop off the application process before completing it. A Recruitment Marketing Platform provides another call-to-action: to join your talent network. This way, when leads opt in, you can build and nurture relationships with your employer brand content until the right opportunity opens up for both you and them.


Multi-channel Attraction

A job isn’t enough anymore; candidates seek more from an employer. Modern candidates act like consumers, researching prospective employers through up to 18 touchpoints, including job boards, career sites, social media, events, Glassdoor reviews, content and more. In order to proactively communicate to candidates with a unified message and brand, plus track every source of influence along their journey, organizations are adopting one comprehensive platform to execute and measure all of their recruitment marketing strategies.


Vendor Consolidation

Across the industry, there are company-wide initiatives to reduce the number of vendors, talent acquisition included. Organizations want to partner with vendors of choice, reduce the overall complexity of their technology stack, increase user adoption and reduce time spend training on multiple tools. A centralized technology like a Recruitment Marketing Platform integrates with the ATS and manages, automates and measures everything from job marketing to social recruiting to employee referrals side-by-side.


Data-driven Action

To mature your talent acquisition strategy, you have to become predictive about your talent pipelines and hiring needs. A Recruitment Marketing Platform offers visibility into the numbers you need at each stage in the funnel in order to meet and exceed your hiring goals. Plus, with so much focus on the candidate experience, organizations are looking for insights to improve and optimize every touchpoint. With real-time data and accurate source of hire and influence metrics, you can better understand what’s working and what’s not for specific candidate personas to replicate success for the future.

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