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2016 proved to be another transformative year in the world of talent acquisition — now more than ever, candidates are the new consumers and the competition for great talent is getting fiercer every day. That’s why you need fresh, bold ideas to help your organization to stand out to candidates.

To get those ideas, we asked a brilliantly diverse group of talent acquisition leaders, practitioners, analysts, technology providers and consultants, one key question:
“What is the single, most important recruitment marketing best practice to implement in 2017 for bigger success?” 

The 40 unique answers we received make up the 2017 Recruitment Marketing Ideabook and cover key recruitment marketing themes like:

  • Strengthening Employer Brand and Personas
  • Testing and Using Analytics for Action
  • Focusing on Best Sources
  • Experimenting (Wisely) with Spend
  • Optimizing Content, Storytelling and Personalization
  • Being Authentic and Engaged
  • Prioritizing the Candidate Journey

Tune into the live stream of SmashFly Transform, the first-ever Recruitment Marketing Conference. 

The 40 contributors represent thought leaders in recruitment marketing, employer branding and talent acquisition:

We’re excited to share these ideas. We hope you’re ready to put them into action. Download the complete 2017 Recruitment Marketing Ideabook here.

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