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This month has been a whirlwind, culminating in the first-ever Recruitment Marketing Conference, SmashFly Transform, last week. (Meaning this week is the first I’ve been able to read ANYTHING!) It was an awesome milestone in the path to creating a true recruitment marketing discipline and community. Thank you to all of our speakers, attendees and sponsors who made it such a success! We’ll be sharing tons more content coming out of the conference, including presentations, articles, session recordings and takeaways, in the upcoming weeks.

Until then, here is what I’ve been reading this week, plus the best content and tweets of the week.


Content of the Week



Tweets of the Week


Articles of the Week

Vets, We Love You, But We Still Aren’t Hiring You! by Tim Sackett (@TimSackett)

I never expect anything less than total transparency from Tim Sackett, and in this article, I totally appreciate it. First off, thank you to all the veterans in our country for their tireless service. Most companies, recruiters and people just don’t understand what people in the military actually do. And therein lies the problem of hiring people into your organization when you just don’t get their experience. I talk about steps forward in this article (it’s close to my heart, my husband is a veteran!).


3 Eye-opening Techniques to Wake Up Readers by Sean D’Souza (@seandsouza)

“To grab and keep your audience’s attention, it’s best to use at least one attention-grabbing method that yanks your readers into your articles by creating intense curiosity.” I learned at SmashFly Transform that a human’s attention span is now less than a goldfish. Yikes. Sean walks through three attention-grabbing techniques that will pique your readers’ curiosity.


Talent Sourcing in the Digital Era is So Much More Than Boolean by Marvin Smith (@talentcommunity)

“Today, talent sourcing are asked to wear several different hats … and its role in talent acquisition has never been greater or more vital.” In truth, I think that recruiters and talent acquisition team members are also being pushed to wear so many different hats, as candidates and workforce dynamics are transforming. Here, Marvin expertly outlines the four pillars of talent sourcing in the digital world.


Read What Facebook’s Sandberg Calls “Maybe the Most Important Document to Ever Come Out of the Valley” by Gregory Ferenstein (@ferenstein)

This is an older post, but it’s still relevant (and I hadn’t ever seen it until now, so I am hoping there are others with me). It’s Netflix’s culture manifesto, and since, I am sure many more companies have looked to implement some of these pillars in their workplace. Focus on creativity. Strive to communicate and understand, not blame. Be humble in management and give your employees freedom to discover.


Lead Nurturing Critical to Intel’s Diversity Hiring Goals by Roy Maurer (@SHRMroy)

At SmashFly Transform, Intel’s Pam McKnight and Allyn Bailey told their (completely honest) story of getting buy-in to invest in Recruitment Marketing Platform to transform lead nurture and analytics.

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