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We’re still in the wake of #TransformRM and have been so pumped to see the positive feedback from the first-ever Recruitment Marketing Conference. This week’s roundup of recruitment marketing articles has a bit of a Transform theme. Enjoy, and have an great Thanksgiving!


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Just-in-time hiring is dead. Organizations that understand how to future-proof their talent acquisition and recruitment marketing strategy will be brand-led, relationship-centric and data-driven. SmashFly’s Chris Brablc discusses how to build talent pipelines for today and tomorrow so you can get ahead of the competition by building relationships with candidates earlier in the process.


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What 4,000 Talent Leaders Believe About the Industry and Why They Are Wrong by Lou Adler (@LouA)

“In a talent scarcity situation, a right to left “attract the best” model is a superior approach. This emphasizes what the person will do and could become and de-emphasizes the laundry list of prerequisites.” YES. But not surprisingly, there is a disparity between what talent acquisition leaders are actually doing versus what they say is more important. Lou walks through some key findings of LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2017 and lends some valuable perspective.


9 Things Recruiters Can Do to Create a Truly Memorable Candidate Experience


Inside HR Tech Column: A Powerful Combo by Steve Boese (@SteveBoese)

“New technology is driving recruitment marketing.” Steve discusses the takeaways from some recent conferences keynotes, including the #TATech Conference and #TransformRM. Navigating the perspectives of leaders like Stacy Zapar and George LaRocque, one thing is clear: recruitment marketing is emerging as a new discipline in talent acquisition.


Lead Nurturing Critical to Intel’s Diversity Hiring Goals by Roy Maurer (@SHRMRoy)

From the stage at #TransformRM, Intel’s Allyn Bailey said, “Everybody in talent acquisition fell on the floor and passed out” when Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced in that the company was going to aggressively diversify its workforce by 2020. But Allyn and her team came up with a plan, and recruitment marketing technology was the foundation for it.


SmashFly and the new world of recruiting

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